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The project

Out of the 100 000 textbooks sold to KU Leuven students annually, only about 15% is sold second hand. This amount could be increased to 70% if appropriate systems were implemented. We challenge student associations and students to step up their game, by means of an intercampus competition.

Problem - students need a hand

There are already several ways to resell your coursebook second hand, using a facebook-page, a website or simply sell it to an acquaintance. Yet, we observe that only a fraction of the books is sold this way, about 15%. This is due to a lack of acquaintances or a lack of effort, because with the current system, it requires quite some motivation for a student to buy books second hand.
Using facebook or a website is a hassle, you are dependent on the limited offer. If there are books available, you still have to send multiple persons and meet with them before you have the books.
Having a friend with the books is the best scenario, but because of the different study-trajects, overlap between years and student who are not on track with their courses, it becomes quite hard to find one person having all books you need.
Some people figure how to get cheap and sustainable books, but most do not.



Solution - together we can make it

Fortunately, there are several solutions to our problem. If our students associations manage to implement a system, where they facilitate students to resell and buy their books second hand, the percentage of second hand books could increase up to 70%. The different possible systems are discussed in the levels page. The amount of books one faculty will sell second hand will depend on the students association, but primarily on the participation of students.

The competition

We challenge each faculty, being the students and the student association, to implement a system where more books are sold second hand. The performance of system will be rated based on the amount of second hand, relative to the total amount of books. Every faculty participating will be rewarded with a "party-kit". The winners get some more.

  • 2nd place
  • 80L Stella
  • Green Office Appreciation Award
  • Partykit
  • 3rd place
  • 50L Stella
  • Green Office Appreciation Award
  • Partykit
  • All participants
  • If your campus managed to sell over 7% of their books second hand
  • 30L Stella
  • Party kit
  • Participation award
Party-kit = Stella 0.0 + Soft drinks + Party garlands

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