Book Cycle
LEVEL 2 - Connect people via website (like VTK)

This system is really convenient for the Cudi's, as they don't have to do any work for it. But as it is still a lot of hassle for the students to get the books, and the availability is limited, we think Facebook-groups have only limited potential.

Connect people via website (like VTK)

The website offers an online 'location' where students can buy and sell books. The website brings the buyer and seller together, but they must make arrangements themselves about payment and transfer of the books.

Similar to the facebook group, now the way of connecting people is more specific. Easier to find the book you’re looking for.

More books available

Little work for Cudi's

Price flexibility

Hard to develop and maintain site

Hassle for students

Still rather limited offer

Limited communication/persuasion opportunities

Ease for students
Work for Cudi
Second hand

Important factors applied

We discuss each factor applied to this system.

Hand-in period

The sellers make arrangements with the buyers themselves. There is no hand-in period, as the sellers don’t hand their books in. They sell it immediately to the buyer.

Ease of buying

With the list of books that are offered by students who want to sell, it is very easy to for the buyer to find what he or she is looking for. However the available books are rather limited and they still have to meet up with each other, which is quite a hassle.


It is possible to make advertisements for this way of offering second hand books, which can be done using social media, banners, QR-codes, mails or asking professors to spread the message.

Price flexibility

As a seller chooses his or her price and a buyer can make up for him or herself if it is a price he or she is willing to pay, the natural trade rules between buyer and seller remain maintained.

Filtering required

No filtering required. As the students can make up for themselves if it is worth it to buy or not.


There is no storage required.


The students make arrangements for the transactions themselves.


No commission can be charged.

Financial risk

There is no financial risk for the Cudi’s.

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