Book Cycle
LEVEL 1 - Connect people via facebook

This system is really convenient for the Cudi's, as they don't have to do any work for it. But as it is still a lot of hassle for the students to get the books, and the availability is limited, we think Facebook-groups have only limited potential.

Connect people via facebook

There is a group on Facebook-group where people offer their own books for a certain price. Buyers can contact the seller themselves. Apart from making the facebook group and mediating the posts, the Cudis are not involved in this system.

As the amount of available books is limited, and the hassle of meeting up with several different persons is large, we think you cannot resell 7% of your books using this system. On current Facebook pages, the average is 3%.

Little work for Cudi's

Price flexibility

No storage or financial risk

Hassle for students

Limited offer

Limited communication/persuasion opportunities

Ease for students
Work for Cudi
Second hand

Important factors applied

We discuss each factor applied to this system.

Hand-in period

The sellers make arrangements with the buyers themselves. There is no hand-in period, as the sellers don’t hand their books in. They sell it immediately to the buyer.

Ease of buying

In a facebook group it is quite difficult for the buyers to look for a specific book. Only if someone posts something he or she wants to sell, and it happens to be the book one is looking for, then it can be convenient.


It is possible to make a lot of advertisements for the group. However you exclude every student who doesn’t have facebook. Also it would probably better looking for the student association if they could make advertisements for their own website, instead of Facebook.

Price flexibility

As a seller chooses his or her price and the buyer can make up for themselves if it is a price they are willing to pay, the natural trade rules between buyer and seller remain maintained.

Filtering required

There is no filtering of the books required. When someone's books are in such a bad state, nobody will buy them.


There is no storage required.


The students make arrangements for the transactions themselves.


No commission can be charged.

Financial risk

There is no financial risk for the Cudi’s.

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